Projects for Atelier Brückner

Interface and interaction design for worldwide exhibition projects

Tasks: Design of interactive exhibits and spatial interactions, picture editing, graphic design


Atelier Brückner is a Stuttgart based agency for scenography, architecture and exhibition design. Highlights from the past are the Cyclebowl Pavillon at the Expo 2000 in Hannover, the BMW Museum in Munich, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, the visitor center at CERN in Switzerland or the Parlamentarium in Brussels.
From 2010 to 2011 I was occupied as interface- and interaction designer at Atelier Brückner. My activities covered the designing of interactivity and participation in exhibition related projects. These projects were both projects in realization and competition projects. They were located in many different regions like Scandinavia, Saudi-Arabia or South Korea.
One of my biggest achievements was co-winning the competition for the Energeticon in Alsdorf, Germany. Energeticon is a permanent low-budget exhibition on German mining industry as well as the transition to renewable energies. The biggest challenge was to design user interactions against the background of a rather low budget.

Projects I was involved in:

  • Arabian Journey, King Abdulaziz Center, Dhahran, Saudi-Arabia
    (Design of interactive exhibits, spatial interactions & picture editing)
  • Energeticon competition, Alsdorf near Aachen, Germany
    (Design of the overall parcours & design of interactive exhibits)
  • TetraPak Trade Fair Stand competition, Lund, Sweden
    (Design of interactive exhibits & ideas for a central wow–installation)
  • Navy, Nation & Nelson competition, National Maritime Museum, London, UK
    (Design of interactive exhibits & spatial interactions)
  • Shanghai Natural History Museum competition, Shanghai, China
    (Picture editing)
  • DARWINEUM, Zoo Rostock, Germany
    (Drawing of storyboards for media and software tenders)
  • GS Caltex Pavillon competition, Expo 2012, Yeosu, South Korea
    (Design of interactions with architectural elements & ideas for a central wow-installation)