Mosaic Mirror

Realtime mosaic video installation

Tasks: Concept development

With: Jakob Penca


On a screen the user can see himself filmed by a webcam. But the pictures on the screen are not as the webcam takes them, but assembled tessellate from 1024 several small video clips. Due to the different brightness of these clips, the webcam image is still recognizable at a coarser resolution of 32x32 pixels. Dark clips represent dark pixels and bright clips the bright pixels. Each pixel is a video clip. It creates two classes of movement, which produce each other. For this work I was inspired by the many ways to assemble a picture of small images: Bob Marley posters, software for your own pictures, the Apple screensavers... I liked the aesthetics of these images and I immediately wanted to check whether this is possible with movies. Together with Jakob Penca my fellow student at University of Applied Sciences Munich, I implemented the idea on the computer by programming an algorithm that converts the videos in the above-described manner. The idea to extend it to a realtime video installation - the mosaic-mirror - emerged because we had an exhibition of current diploma works taking place at the same time. We showed the mosaic-mirror as attachment to the exhibition which was probably the first ever exhibited realtime mosaic video installation.