One Button Games

Teaching project at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam

Tasks: Agenda development, coding and physical computing support, team leading, final evaluation


During my master studies at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam I offered a short term project for bachelor students with the title "One Button Games". The task was to design, code and build a computer game within two weeks that can be controlled with just one button.
Because there were many freshman students I first taught them the basics of Arduino and Processing. Then every student had to create three rough ideas from which one was chosen for realization. I offered open workshops with soldering or coding support and scheduled interim presentations to lead the process to the proposed result.
In the end every student had a playable prototype. The were numerous different game ideas and interfaces: A syringe to heal Medibear, a remote control to help Teletextboy find his page on teletext, a switch to control spaceships in Laserswitch and more.
Martin Lexow, one of the participants, made the beautiful video clip above which documents the course's atmosphere.