A game for deaf-blind, blind and sighted people

Tasks: Concept development, co-design, prototype manufacture


TACTiS was my bachelor thesis in communication design supervised by Prof. Peter Naumann at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. It is a tabletop game that can be played without being able to hear or to see. It was designed for deaf-blind people but is also suited for blind and sighted people.
TACTiS is about building one of seven given shapes out of smaller tiles. All tiles are cubic-shaped but have different connection points: Yellow cubes can be connected along one geometrical axis, so you can build lines with them. Red cubes can be connected along two geometrical axes, so you can build 90 degree angles with them. And blue cubes can be connected along all geometrical axes, so can build in three dimensions with them.
The cubes are drawn randomly so the players always lack of matching tiles. The have to exchange tiles with other players or try to steal them by chancing to lose one of their own. Tension and dynamics also evolve because the game can be played blindfolded and silently.
I used many prototypes to find things like pleasantly sharpened edges of the cubes, weight of the cubes, exciting game rules and interaction with tactile components. Blind people gave me great support when they tested all my prototypes and told me how they liked them. They also played many rounds without talking to help me to ensure that the game is playable without seeing or hearing.


  • Nominated for Deutscher Lernspielpreis 2010