Thomas, Cook!

A tourist service concept

Tasks: Concept development, service design, prototyping, visualization

With: Julia Werner, Verena Augustin


Together with my fellow students Hanna Schatz, Paul Heinicker, Christopher Pietsch and Paul Vollmer I designed the service "Thomas, Cook!" during a service design seminar. The service is for all those who do not want to spend a typical touristic vacation.
Instead of visiting sights and tourist hotspots the customers can log into the web portal of "Thomas, Cook"! to find local hosts for dinners or other meals. The deal is that the host provides his kitchen and dining table while the customers organize the meal ingredients. The host's duty is to provide shopping lists for the customers. These shopping lists are meant to lead the customers not to usual supermarkets but to special places to buy food which cannot be found in travel guides.
When the customers are on their shopping tour they experience the city in another way than other tourists. On their way they automatically pass by some of the city's great sights, but they are not the final destination of the journey. After seeing these spots which are often less impressive than expected and thus not enough for a holistic vacation there is an additional experience layer for the customers. They meet other tourists at the host's place and can share their experiences with them while cooking a delicious meal and the host will contribute to the conversation with his experience.