Arsenal - Cinema Heterotopia

Interactive exhibit at transmediale conversationpiece 2016

Tasks: Interaction and animation concept, prototyping, coding, implementaion

With: Kristin Moellering


Arsenal - Cinema Heterotopia is an interactive exhibit implemented at the transmediale conversationpiece 2016. It was developed as an iPad webapp which follows special principles of content exploitation:
The exhibit reflects the an-archaeological and necessarily incomplete investigation of the arsenal, one of Berlin's oldest local cinemas, constantly oscillating between media art and contemporary film culture. From the very beginning the arsenal could be understood as a heterotopical venue - a place of communication, of dialogue, of discourse. This interactive cartographic analysis connects the names of almost 50 protagonists, actresses and actors, directors, artists and curators who remarkably enriched the cultural identity of the arsenal, within a fluid network, thereby reflecting a lose and nervous meta-concept of time and space.
The exhibit was part of the installation 'ATLAS OF MEDIATHINKING AND MEDIAACTING IN BERLIN' by the class of Prof. Dr. Siegfried Zielinski at Universität der Künste Berlin.